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Student SavingsMore than a Savings Account

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Student Savings Account KAIPERM CU
Student Savings Account KAIPERM CU

We believe in the power of our youth and their capacity to shape a brighter financial future. That’s why we have made it our mission to foster their growth and empower them to become the next generation of financial leaders. Student Accounts are thoughtfully designed for teenagers 13 to 17 years of age, to give them the essential tools and knowledge they need to help them build healthy financial habits that will carry them into adulthood.


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More Than a Savings Account - Kaiperm Student Accounts (age 13-17)

Kaiperm Student Saving Account
(age 13-17) comes with:


Reward Your Teen’s Financial Growth - Kaiperm

Complete a course at Balance Financial Education for Teens & College Students, and we’ll add a $25 reward to their Student savings account. Fill out the linked form with child’s details, parent/guardian’s name, phone number, and certificate of completion. Encourage their educational journey today.

Pup Savings and Student Savings Accounts must be fully funded with the minimum initial $25 Deposit. $25 to be deposited to Pup Savings or Student Savings account within 30 days of form submission. Limit one $25 per Youth Account.





Rate Effective Date: June 1, 2024


Kaiperm Student Account

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Age qualification13-17 years old1, 2
Included Savings Account50.5% APY4 on the first $10,0003 Minimum Opening Deposit $25
High-Yield Certificate Account512-month Student Certificate earns 7.00% APY, with unlimited add-ons up to $1,000 maximum balance
Youth Checking Account5Available.
Daily Limits and alerts can also be setup.
Visa® Debit CardFree and accepted at over 23 million locations worldwide
Account ownershipMinor and Joint Owner share controls
Minimum opening deposit$25
Federally insured by the
More Than a Savings Account

your investment

Final Balance


Contributions: $    |   Earnings: $




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1, 2 Account will convert to a regular Kaiperm account on 18th birthday
3 Calculated based on average daily balance. Earn 0.5% APY balances up to $10,000 and 0.10% on all other balances
4 APY = Annual Percentage Yield.
5 Limit 1 per minor social security number.
*Based on monthly deposit of $40 on the first of each month and example of calculation based on 7.00% APY for 12 months, compounded monthly.
Dividends are paid monthly based on average daily balance.

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