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Our Deposit Rates

Today’s Deposit Rates

Savings & Checking

TypeInitial DepositAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Rate
Dividend Savings$250.100%0.100%
Dividend Club$250.100%0.100%
Thrive Rewards Checking$25When qualifications are met
2.350% on first $15,000
0.250% on balances above $15,000
When qualifications are met
2.325% on first $15,000
0.250% on balances above $15,000
Roth IRA$100.100%0.100%
Coverdell Educational
Savings Accumulator



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Advantage Money Market

BalanceMinimum to Earn APYAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Rate
up to $2,499$00.100%0.100%
$2,500 – $24,999$2,5001.650%1.638%
$25,000 – $49,999$25,0001.750%1.736%
$50,000 – $99,999$50,0002.250%2.227%
$100,000 – $249,999$100,0002.500%2.472%
$250,000 and above$250,0002.500%2.472%



TermMinimum BalanceAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Rate
3 months*$5002.000%1.982%
6 months*$5003.000%2.960%
12 months$5004.000%3.928%
18 months$5004.000%3.928%
24 months$5003.500%3.445%
36 months$5003.250%3.203%
48 months$5003.250%3.203%
60 months$5003.250%3.203%
Save to Win Certificate
12 months**


*Not available for IRA Share Certificates
+ Personal Accounts only. +See Provision 8 for details about the Thrive Rewards Checking account
**See Provision 9 for Save to Win details or visit us online at: Save to Win


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Our Loans Rates

Today’s Loan Rates Apply now

Auto Loans

TermNew Auto1 Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
Used Auto Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
12 to 36 months4.49%4.69%
48 months4.49%4.69%
60 months4.49%4.69%
72 months4.84%5.04%
84 months5.24%5.44%



TermNew – Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
Used – Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
12 to 48 months4.69%5.49%
60 to 72 months5.19%5.74%


RV, Campers, Trailers, Boats, Jetskis & Van Conversions

TermNew – Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
Used – Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
48 months6.39%6.59%
60 months6.49%6.69%
72 months6.59%
84 months6.74%
120 months7.74%7.94%


1st Mortgages

10-30 yearsFixed and variable rates availableClick Here to Learn More


Variable Rate Home Equity Loans

TermVariable Rate APR3
10 year draw and 15 year payback7.00%


2nd Mortgages

TermFixed Rate APR
5 years6.50%
10 years6.75%
15 years7.00%


Fixed Rate Personal Loan

TermAPR* As Low As
up to 24 months7.19%
24 to 36 months7.39%
37 to 48 months7.79%
49 to 60 months8.29%


Share Secured Loans

TypeAPR* As Low AsDescription
Secured by your Kaiperm Savings Account3.25% + Savings Dividend RateView current deposit rates
Secured by your Kaiperm Certificate3.00% + Certificate RateView current deposit rates


Variable Rate Credit Card (Visa)

TypeAnnual FeeVariable Rate APR3
Cash Back – Annual Fee$12.0015.08%
Cash Back – No Annual FeeNone16.31%

* APR – Annual Percentage Rate is subject to change and may vary depending on evaluation of credit history, so your rate may differ.
1. New autos are considered 2021 model year or newer, with 36,000 miles or less
2. Includes classic cars, ATVs, boats, and RVs.
3. This Variable APR (Annual Percentage Rate) will vary with the market based on the 91 Day Treasury Bill as published on the third Thursday of each month. Rates are effective on the 1st day of the month and can change monthly.


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