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Owning a car can change the way you live your life, and choosing the right car is essential to your mobility and travel opportunities. Whether you’re looking to buy something new or used or refinance your current car, you’ll enjoy features like a low annual percentage rate (APR), easy financing, and terms for up to 84 months. Plus, there are never any application fees or pre-payment penalties. Explore different ways to buy a car and the steps you can take to apply for a car loan.

  • Up to 100% financing
  • New and used cars
  • Competitive rates
  • No loan application fees
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

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Today’s rates
Auto Loans

Rate Effective Date: June 1, 2024

TermNew Auto1 Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
Used Auto Fixed Rate
APR* As Low As
12 to 36 months6.49%6.79%
48 months6.49%6.79%
60 months6.49%6.79%
72 months6.99%7.29%
84 months7.49%7.79%

* APR – Annual Percentage Rate is subject to change and may vary depending on evaluation of credit history, so your rate may differ.
1. New autos are considered previous model year or newer, with 36,000 miles or less.


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Our team at Kaiperm understands the importance of your peace of mind, and we’re here to provide guidance and assistance so you can find the right policy for your budget with the coverage you need. Kaiperm Credit Union is federally insured and we offer a safe and secure place to manage your money and assets. With our loan protection options, including low-cost guaranteed asset protection and mechanical repair coverage, you’ll have peace of mind with us as your primary financial partner.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)Protect against financial loss with GAP in the event your car is stolen or declared a total loss in an accident.DOWNLOAD
Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)MRC is a high-quality, comprehensive coverage plan that safeguards you from expensive auto repairs.DOWNLOAD



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