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Save to Win®

Save to Win - Kaiperm Credit Union


Save to Win

When you build your savings with Kaiperm, you’re doing more than just keeping your money secure – you’re earning the chance to win even more money!




Participation Is Easy:




Drawing TimingNational PrizesKaiperm CU Prizes
Monthly1 x $1,000 winner
2 x $500 winners
155 x $25 winners
1 x $25 winner
Quarterly1 x $5,000 winner
1 x $2,500 winner
10 x $1,000 winners
15 x $500 winners
1 x $100 winner


Take advantage of this great way to win cash prizes while building your savings in a secure share certificate! Terms are 12 months with fixed interest rates, and you can make one (1) withdra­wal for free in the 12-month period.


Are you ready to Save to Win? Check out our recent Kaiperm CU winners below!



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