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Share CertificateEarn a Higher Return Than Traditional Savings Accounts

Share Certificates

If you want to earn a higher interest rate than you get with most savings accounts, a share certificate, also known as “certificate of deposit” are a great way to grow your savings. If you don’t need your savings account for a fixed amount of time, keep the money in your account and watch your savings grow! The returns are guaranteed, and they typically earn a better annual percentage yield than a savings or checking account. When you commit to keep your money invested for a certain amount of time (6 to 60 months), you may face a penalty for early withdrawal, but you can earn higher interest if your money is invested for a set amount of time.

  • Minimum deposit of $500
  • Term options from 3 months to 60 months
  • Higher rates than a Savings account
  • Safe and secure investment
  • Watch your money grow


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Rate Effective Date: September 1, 2023

TermMinimum BalanceAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Rate
3 months*$5002.000%1.982%
6 months*$5003.000%2.960%
12 months$5004.500%4.410%
18 months$5004.350%4.266%
24 months$5004.001%3.929%
36 months$5004.001%3.929%
48 months$5004.001%3.929%
60 months$5003.850%3.784%
Save to Win Certificate
12 months**


your investment

Final Balance


Contributions: $    |   Earnings: $



*Not available for IRA Share Certificates
+ Personal Accounts only. +See Provision 8 for details about the Thrive Rewards Checking account
**See Provision 9 for Save to Win details or visit us online at: Save to Win


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