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Service Fees

Fee Schedule

This Fee Schedule sets forth the fees charged by Kaiperm CU for using various accounts and services. Please review this information along with the Membership Agreement, and Truth-in-Savings Disclosure to educate yourself on the best accounts and services for your financial needs. The Credit Union reserves the right to change the fees (as well as other terms of the Fee Schedule) at any time. The Credit Union will notify you of any changes as required by applicable law. Revised as of October 1, 2020.

Share Value/MembershipPar Value of One Share
(minimum deposit at account opening)
Early Closure Service ChargesClose Account within 90 days of opening$15.00
Early Certificate WithdrawVaries on Amount
Checking Account Service ChargesChecks & Deposit SlipsActual Cost
Overdraft item paid (Courtesy Pay)$25.00 per item
Item Returned for Insufficient Funds (NSF)1$25.00
Deposit Item Returned Unpaid$20.00 per item
Transfer from Shares to Cover Overdraft$5.00 per item
Replacement Debit Card$10.00
Debit Card Inactivity
(Inactive for more than 12 months)
International Transaction Fee1% of transaction amount2
Other Service Charges Applicable to All AccountsNotary for Credit Union Documents$15.00
Research Paid Item$6.00 per item
Transaction Photocopy$6.00
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing)$25.00
International Wire Transfer (outgoing)$30.00
Statement, Copy or Mid-Cycle$2.00 per month
Return Statement Charge$5.00
Teller Check Payable to Third Party
(waived for rent or mortgage checks)
Additional CU Teller’s Check Payable to Member Issued Same Day$1.00 per additional check
Stop Payment: Single Item$15.00
Stop Payment: Series of Checks$20.00
Bond InsuranceActual Cost
Locator Charge$5.00 per year
Individual Retirement Account$5.00 per year
Written Verification of Deposit$10.00
Incorrect Taxpayer ID Number$50.00
Subpoena or Research of Records$24 per hour
Request for Records of Account$24 per hour
Photocopies$0.20 per copy
Reconciliation Assistance$15.00 per hour
Penalty to Terminate Account for Abusive Use$35.00
Late Payment on Visa Credit Card$10.00
Credit Card Cash AdvanceSee Visa Disclosure for fee
Replacement Credit Card$10.00
Visa Foreign Transaction Charge1% of transaction amount
Third Party ATM Balance Inquiry$1.00
Non-Proprietary ATM Third Party SurchargeMay apply as applicable
Real Estate Service ChargesDemand for PayoffCall for current amount
Subordination ChargeCall for current amount
Third Party/Other ServicesActual Cost
ReconveyanceCall for current amount

1) An NSF service charge is assessed each time an item is presented against insufficient funds. The payee (or the payee’s institution) may re-present a previously returned item. Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate service charge. 
2) This fee applies to any debit card transaction made at a location in a foreign country, or payable to a merchant located in a foreign country even if you initiate the transaction from within the United States.

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