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How to Prevent Fraud

Tips to help prevent fraud: as we all use more technology today and we all have our smart phones with us 24/7, you can help prevent fraud by setting up alerts on your Kaiperm CU accounts. It is best to setup alerts for any transaction $1 or more. The fraudster that steal debit card numbers usually try a $1 transaction to see if it works, if it does they try for more. Having these alerts will help you and the credit union stop fraud before they try for more money. You can turn off your debit card in the app under the remote-control cards services. You can also turn your debit card back on if there was no fraud.


In our mobile Kaiperm CU app, under the notifications, turn on enable and setup. For online banking users, in the menu use the E-alerts button to setup. If you need assistance, please contact us by calling 925-939-5626 or email us at info@kaipermcu.org.


For your Kaiperm Visa Credit Card, there is a SecurLock app that you can download to setup notifications for all Visa card transactions. You will see any charges real time. You can always block your Visa Card in the SecurLock app if you have discovered fraud.


Please take the time to setup alerts to help prevent and stop these fraudsters.

A Safe Place for Your Money

A Safe Place for Your Money

Find comfort in knowing that deposits at Kaiperm Credit Union are automatically protected up to $1,000,000

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