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Are You a Kaiser permanente

Employee living in Hawaii?

We are a not-for-profit financial institution exclusively serving the employees of Kaiser Permanente and their family members, as well as Kaiser retirees and volunteers in California and Hawaii.

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Kaiser Hawaii - Become a member of Kaiperm!

Take advantage of your extended benefits package and become a member of Kaiperm!

You don’t have to live on the mainland to benefit from our not-for-profit financial institution – you can bank at any of the CO-OP shared branches in your state, as well as any of the CO-OP surcharge-free ATMs in your area. We’re here to serve as your primary financial partner, and we can’t wait for you to benefit from your membership with us!.

Why choose Kaiperm credit union

  • Competitive Rates and Deals

    Competitive Rates and Deals

    Our not-for-profit status gets you lower rates on loans, and as a member, you avoid the kinds of fees and charges that you accrue from big banks

  • Banking You Can Count On

    Banking You Can Count On

    Enjoy our free checking accounts with zero maintenance fees and you can use your debit card at any of our 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs around the country

  • Save and Invest with Us

    Save and Invest with Us

    Choose from our secure savings accounts, IRAs, or certificates of deposit for smart, easy ways to save money for your future or your retirement

  • Access Your Accounts and Apply Anytime

    Access Your Accounts and Apply Anytime

    Check your accounts and balances in real time with Kaiperm’s mobile banking app, and apply for membership and loans when you visit our website

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  • “People helping people” That’s the principle upon which Kaiperm CU was founded back in 1957, when seven Kaiser Permanente employees came together to begin our financial journey.
    Today, with more than 5600 members and a team of motivated and passionate employees, we’re building lifelong relationships with members of the Kaiser family all over California and Hawaii. Kaiperm is proud to offer our members great rates on a variety of loans and financing products.

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